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Sudan’s unique atmosphere is a ground for dreams and underwater adventures, a real diving rarity where ancient legends come to life. This is the home of Cousteau’s underwater empire, of Umbria resting in her watery grave and of Shaab Rumi teeming with hammerhead sharks.

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Why we are the best in Sudan

Your boat in Sudan M/Y Andromeda

  • Capacity: 26 guests in double cabins

  • Length: 40m

  • Building material: Steel hull and wood

  • Cabins with air-conditioning and private bathroom

  • Spacious: 4 levels, 100m2 sundeck

  • Zodiacs: 3

  • Nitrox membrane

If you are just getting ready for your diving safari, you can get some information about our liveaboards from this video beforehand. And if you have not booked with us yet, we hope the following images will get you in the mood.

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This is where the adventure takes you

- The best dive sites in Sudan -

Shaab Rumi

This reef lies 48km from Port Sudan and surrounds a gorgeous lagoon which can be accessed through a narrow strait having been blasted by Cousteau himself. Outside of the lagoon, just 100m from its entrance is where in 1963, Cousteau built Precontinent II – his futuristic world. Here he conducted his underwater experiments and today the Precontinent provides an insight into the lives of those who had lived under the water in futuristic looking buildings and conducted research on marine life. The cages used for shark feedings still lie where they used to in Cousteau’s time. Sharks still come here as they did decades ago.
Shaab Rumi

Sudan is famous for its sharks

Scuba diving in Sudan is one of the most beautiful and adventurous in the world. Dive sites in the Sudanese waters are untouched and can be reached only by zodiacs. The pristine sea hides some of the most amazing coral formations and underwater life in the world. Hundreds of metres deep drop-offs, the wildest variety of marine life make diving so exhilarating here. Sharks are a definite drawing force for scuba divers.
Sudan is famous for its sharks

The wreck of Umbria

Since Port Sudan used to be one of the most important ports in the world, there are numerous exciting wrecks waiting to be discovered. One of them is Umbria, a large Italian vessel that lies on the sea bottom about 1 ½km from Port Sudan. She lies at 25m at about a 45-degree angle and in low tide the tips of her two masts even peek out of the water for an easy dive. About 18 tons of ammunition and explosives lie still in her cargo holdings along with half a million of Maria Teresa coins. Originally she was on her way to Eritrea with her cargo but she happened to set anchor in Sudan when Italy proclaimed war with the country. So the Sudanese occupied the boat and they were about to order the Italians off Umbria when they got the news that she was sinking.
The wreck of Umbria

Blue Bell – Toyota wreck

The Blue Bell (sometimes spelled Blue Belt) was sailing from Jeddah to Port Sudan with her cargo of Toyota vehicles and spare parts (hence her other name, the “Toyota wreck”) when she struck the reef in 1977, about 75km north of Port Sudan. The huge, 103m long wreck lies overturned on the reef wall at a 30° angle, her keel facing upwards and her bow pointing toward the reef
Blue Bell – Toyota wreck

Scuba diving in Deep South of Sudan

Dahrat Abid, Darraka, Miyum… wonderful untouched reefs, pulsing marine life and plenty to see! There are grey reef sharks, silky sharks, white-tip sharks, barracudas, hammerheads, dolphins, turtles… Every dive is an awesome experience! Our dive suits can be left on the boat and wear only our shorties in the 30-degree water. We take in all the non-touristy sites of the Red Sea during our 2-week Deep South diving safari trip. We always find an abundant marine life unparallel to anything we had seen before.
Scuba diving in Deep South of Sudan


At the end of the diving safari tour there is a chance to visit Suakin, the ancient main port city in the Red Sea. Today gentle winds blow through the blindingly white walls and building remains that were made of coral “bricks”. It is easy to imagine the beautifully built houses with their mashrabeyas and the bustling city it used to be…

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